Optimize your internal and external health with Anti-Aging Medicine

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The biggest difference between this and more traditional medicine is found in the approach. Anti-Aging Medicine essentially operates on the basis of three pillars

  • Patient-based care
  • Evidence-based results
  • Optimized self-repair

This takes the focus away from the disease or illness and instead endeavors to balance a patient’s nutritional needs and lifestyle choices with hormones, the environment, and genetics. In this way, we don’t simply treat or mask symptoms with reactive hypotheses, but instead, work with the patient to prevent illness before symptoms can begin. Such steps improve patient health and provide for a more fulfilling life.


Your biological age provides a better indication of how your body has aged over the course of your lifetime. In healthy people, this number is typically lower than chronological age.

The goal of anti-aging medicine is to slow biological aging; this is why as a practice, we incorporate into your treatment and prevention the same factors as those used to determine your biological age.


Oxidative stress is a known cause of many chronic diseases including cancer, diabetes and obesity. To prevent, decrease or repair oxidative stress your body needs the right ingredients from a healthy diet. Most Americans do not have this habit of healthy eating and are, therefore, prone to free-radical damage and therefore decreased longevity.

To repair this, we utilize a Biophotonic Scanner to measure your levels of fat-soluble antioxidants. This gives us a score which correlates to your risk for oxidative stress. From there, we recommend a minimum 90-day trial on our specially formulated supplements. These supplements are the only ones found in the Physician’s Desk Reference and have hundreds of scientifically backed resources to achieve a better score on our S3 Scanner.


As a means of prevention, anti-aging medicine employs routine screenings and early detection to fight and/or slow age-related deterioration. This is how we keep your biological age as low as possible.

Your biological age is not the same as your chronological age. Instead of counting the number of years you’ve been alive, your biologic age reflects your status with:


In our office, we develop treatment plans that target:

Low energy
Hormonal disorders
Poor nutrition
Sleep problems
Weight management

With this in mind, your treatment plan will encompass internal and external factors. It will also probe much deeper than traditional medicine to prevent disease, correct current conditions, and help you feel younger than your chronological age.



  • We invest the time necessary to collect your medical history and speak with you in-depth about your personal approach to health management.
  • For your first appointment, you should plan on spending 1.5 hours simply talking to us about your health concerns.


  • We will then use a combination of customized tests (blood, saliva, or urine) to help us hone our focus.
  • The information we glean is used to determine your underlying cause of illness, which may include one or a combination of these factors
  • Toxins
  • Stress
  • Your microbiome
  • Poor nutrition
  • Allergens


  • Anti-aging practitioners acknowledge and emphasize the physiological and biochemical differences that comprise every person. This allows us to create a broader and more comprehensive treatment plans than traditional care.
  • Your plan will address many of the factors that are revealed through a thorough history and review of labwork. Dr. Wulff will recommend a personalized 3, 6, or 12 month wellness treatment plan based upon your pertinent metabolic triad while addressing:
  • Sleep
  • Diet
  • Social stressors
  • Exercise
  • Work/life balance


Dr. Wulff is the only physician in the Ormond Beach area to hold Board Certification from The American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM). This certification requires completion of the three-part ABAARM program, which includes a written exam, oral exam, and submission of all eligibility requirements.

Board Certification is only available to those who hold MD or DO degrees. Having successfully attained this achievement, Dr. Wulff has demonstrated her knowledge of anti-aging practices and is eligible to further continue her education.