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Beat the Heat! The Perfect Skincare for the Summer Climate!

The weather just keeps getting warmer and warmer and your skin might be suffering because of it. Heat, humidity, and increased sunlight can all have a negative effect on your skin but there are treatments you can receive that will help your skin thrive, even through the hottest months of the year!

The ZO Hydration Facial

If the sun is making your skin super dry, the ZO Hydration facial might be the perfect treatment for you! The ZO Hydration facial is designed specifically for dry and dehydrated skin. It uses ZO products to calm, restore, and hydrate the skin, restoring it to its natural moisture and softness!

The ZO Acne & Oil Facial

Heat can bring sweat and with sweat often comes acne breakouts! Your pores can become clogged and your skin will become much more susceptible to acne in the summer months. The ZO Acne & Oil facial can help to cleanse your skin, reduce oil, and clear and prevent breakouts!

The ZO Skin Brightening

The ZO Skin Brightening treatment is perfect for the summertime because sun damage is a very common occurrence at this time of year. Unfortunately, many of us often forget to always apply sunscreen when spending time outside, and even if we do, the SPF strength might not be up to the challenge of the strength of the sun and damage may still incur. With sun damage comes hyperpigmentation! The ZO Skin Brightening treatment helps to eliminate dark spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation typically caused by sun damage to reveal beautiful, bright, glowing skin!

The CryoFacial

The CryoFacial is the perfect treatment for the hot summer months because it uses cool temperatures to help oxygen flow better into the face and increase collagen production! This can be a great treatment for anti-aging as

well as cooling skin that feels distressed due to rising temperatures. The coolness of the CryoFacial will definitely be a nice relief during the summertime!

If it feels like your skin is suffering in the heat, don’t hesitate to come to Vital Rejuvenation! We’ll help you find the perfect treatment that will keep you looking and feeling cool!

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